Garage door openers have been around for decades

The garage door is typically the largest moving object within a home and can weigh hundreds or even thousands of pounds depending on its size and construction. Garage door openers have been around for decades, sparing homeowners the hassle (and effort) of manually opening and closing their garage doors. Still, homeowners tend to be in the dark when it comes to their garage door opener. Here are some important things you need to know about garage door openers, including signs of trouble that warrant a call to a garage door repair company in the Vancouver, Portland, Salem metro area.

Types of Garage Door Openers 

For starters, the first thing homeowners should know regarding garage door openers is the types of garage door openers available to them. Chain- and belt-driven models have been around for years and are definitely the tried and true, standard “go-to” for many homeowners. However, there are plenty of new and innovative product designs to choose from depending on your needs, your comfort level with technology, or how handy you are around the house. DC-powered units offer homeowners the convenience of more power, and many also come with a battery backup which means you’ll never be stuck in, or out, of your garage in the event of a power failure. Many units, both chain, and belt models, with or without DC and battery, can also be equipped with an internet gateway allowing you to control your garage door, and in some instances your lights, from a computer or smartphone. Very convenient if you think you might have forgotten to close the garage door in your hurry to leave, or if you need to allow someone access to your garage in your absence. Jackshaft openers can provide years of service to homeowners with limited space for a traditional opener but do require more frequent maintenance. As you can see, there are lots of options to choose from. Your garage door specialist can help you find the opener that’s right for you and your home!

Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Though it doesn’t require much, your garage door opener does require some periodic maintenance if you want to ensure a safe and efficient operation for years to come. It’s the same concept as tuning up your car and changing the oil to keep it running in top condition for years. You can find lubrication requirements and adjustment details in the owner’s manual. However, because of the risk of injury, we don’t recommend you do much besides keep the system well lubricated. You should also test the safety sensors, but do not stand below the door and keep pets and children away for their safety.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

One of the nice things about garage door openers is that you know immediately when there’s a problem, which means you can schedule garage door service before things get any worse or cause you any more trouble or delay. Call a garage door repair company serving Vancouver and Portland if you experience any of these garage door opener problems:

  • Garage door won’t open/stay open
  • Garage door won’t close/stay closed
  • Garage door opener won’t respond to remote or wall switch
  • Garage door opener is unusually noisy