Your garage door is only as good as its garage door opener. Just as you have many choices when it comes to garage doors, there are also multiple options for garage door openers. Dave’s Garage Doors has been serving the needs of home and business owners throughout Metro Portland, Salem, and Vancouver since 1981. We’re garage door experts, and that includes garage door openers. Being in the business for so long, we tend to hear the same questions often. One popular query we get is how to find the perfect garage door opener. So how do you find the right garage door opener for your home or business? We’re here to help! You don’t need to be an expert on garage door openers because we are. But, we’d still like to share some of our knowledge with you to help you make an informed decision. If you’re still not sure, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to speak with you about all your garage door opener needs.

Do you need a new garage door opener?

Another question we frequently receive is whether or not you need a new garage door opener. These devices are relatively simple mechanisms. A garage door opener typically lasts from 10 to 15 years. That depends on how you use it and how often you use it. Staying current with the maintenance of your garage’s rollers and springs could extend that lifespan to about 20 years. Even if your garage door opener appears to be working fine, newer models offer increased security, safety, and convenience. Keep reading to learn about several reasons why you may need a new garage door opener.

Common Reasons for Needing a New Garage Door Opener

A broken garage door opener certainly needs to be replaced ASAP. But, there are other reasons you should consider getting a new garage door opener, including:

  • Quieter Operation – We could all benefit from some added peace and quiet. If your garage door opener is loud and obnoxious, it may be time for an upgrade. You don’t have to disrupt your whole household every time a family member comes or goes. If you have a chain drive garage door opener, you’re probably used to a lot of noise and may have never even considered replacing it. In addition to super-quiet belt drive machines, newer model chain drive units will also be quieter than older ones, so you can’t go wrong when it comes to getting a quieter version.
  • Enhanced Security – Older models of garage door openers may be vulnerable to thieves. People with a special device may have been able to find your code and open your garage door. Newer models of garage door openers have an enhanced security feature that changes the code every time you use it. This way, thieves cannot duplicate the code and get into your garage uninvited.
  • Battery Backup – Power outages are a significant inconvenience. No one likes not being able to operate their garage door opener when the power goes out. Newer garage door openers are available with battery backup systems. They kick in automatically in the event you lose power, allowing you to still operate your garage door.
  • Keypad Entry – If you have an older garage door opener, you might not have a keypad mounted outside of your garage. Having this feature makes it handy to enter a code that will open your garage door with no keys required. Have more than one door? With newer garage door opener keypads, you can operate multiple doors with a single keypad.
  • Smart Home Connectivity & Wireless Features – Newer garage door openers are compatible with Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity, so you can lock or unlock your door remotely or receive alerts when someone opens it. Other features may include temperature display, motion-sensor light control, programmed lockdown periods, and more. Some models are also compatible with the HomeLink feature built into some newer vehicles.
What makes the perfect garage door opener?

Now that you know why you might need or want a new garage door opener, it’s time to hone in on precisely what makes up the perfect one for you. Check out some factors to consider:

  • Noise – Do you have a living area or bedroom directly above or beside your garage? If so, a belt drive garage door opener may be best for you. Belt drivers are much quieter than chain drive door openers.
  • Technology – If you want a garage door opener with all the latest technology, consider one with internet connectivity. Many garage door openers now have smartphone apps. Today’s garage door openers also offer battery backup and motion sensor lights.
  • Power – Older garage door openers were operating at 1/3 to 1/2 horsepower, compared to today’s modern openers at ¾ to 1 ¼. If you own an oversized garage door, you’ll want as much power as you can get.
  • Convenience – If you’ve ever left your house to walk the dog or take a walk, you may have experienced the unfortunate situation of forgetting your keys. This also happens to kids, but a new garage door opener could be the answer to your frustration and inconvenience. Newer openers have features that ensure you won’t get locked out of the house anymore. Kids can use wireless keypads, and this option is also ideal for neighbors who need to walk or feed your pet while you’re away.
Common Types of Garage Door Openers

Now that you know why you might want a new garage door and the types of features you can enjoy with one, it’s time to take a look at some common types of garage door openers. The options you have for standard garage door openers include chain-driven models, belt-driven openers, and jackshaft openers.

  • Chain Drive – These garage door openers are affordable and dependable but can be noisy. They’re the most common garage door opener system in Portland, OR, and Vancouver, WA. Chain drives are sturdy and can handle heavier garage doors. Think of the chain system much the same as a bicycle chain, pushing or pulling a trolley. Newer chain-driven units are much quieter than their older counterparts.
  • Belt Drive – Choosing a belt drive garage door opener means you’ll have the quietest garage door in town, but you will pay a bit more for it. These openers are super quiet and provide reliable functionality. Most homeowners prefer this type of garage door opener with all things considered.
  • Jackshaft or Direct Drive – If you’re willing to pay more for flexibility and space, a jackshaft or direct drive garage door opener might be ideal for you. Jackshafts are mounted on the wall beside the garage door. Direct drive units only have one moving part, making them extremely quiet.
Comprehensive Garage Door Services in Oregon

So now you’re an expert on garage door openers. But if you still feel a bit confused or overwhelmed, don’t worry. Our experts would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and make a recommendation for you. We offer complete garage door services in the Metro Portland area, including garage door installation, repair, and maintenance. Our experienced garage door company can work on overhead garage doors and much more. Whatever features you’re looking for in a new garage door, Dave’s Garage Door has you covered. When you’re ready to look at options, give our team a call. We can help you find the perfect garage door opener for you. Installation can usually be scheduled in as little as a few days, and we also have Saturday appointments for your convenience.