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Like all home hardware and tools, the garage door world is always developing. To help you navigate what you need in a garage door, we’ve put together these frequently asked questions. The team at Dave’s Garage Doors services residential garage doors. We install, maintain, repair, and replace all types and sizes of garage doors, operators, and more. Read through our helpful tips and give us a call when you’re ready to schedule an appointment.

Which garage door is best for me, as a homeowner?

There is no single best option that fits everyone’s home. Your garage door selection will depend on your needs, style preferences, energy efficiency, and location. We can help you select a garage door that will work best in these categories and your budget. From there, we can discuss the material – steel, aluminum, wood, or something else.

Should I choose a steel door or a wood door?

Both of these materials are great for garage doors as they both are aesthetically pleasing. Steel doors are strong, offering better security and energy efficiency. They’re also more affordable and require less maintenance. Wood doors have a natural beauty and warmth unmatched by other materials but tend to be priced higher due to the material and customization. They also expand and contract with Oregon’s changes in temperature and require additional maintenance to maintain their beauty.

How important is insulation in a garage door?

Insulation in your garage door prevents heat from leaving your home during the winter months. It also blocks heat from entering your garage in the summer. This all helps you save money on otherwise costly energy bills as you run your heat and air conditioning to keep your house comfortable. Additionally, an insulated garage door softens and dampens inside and outside noise and adds further strength to your door.

How much does a garage door cost?

Costs vary based on size, material, insulation type, customizations desired, and many other factors. We can help you find a door that meets your style and your budget. Contact us today for an estimate on your garage door.

Is there a warranty?

Most companies offer a 10-year warranty on garage door material. Our doors and openers have extended warranties, as well as a warranty on our service and repair work.

Do I need a lock on my garage door?

Do you have an electric garage door opener installed on your door? If so, a lock is not needed. Door openers are the best form of security as they prevent your door from being lifted from the outside. We’re happy to help you install a safe and secure garage door opener in your home.

When do I need a garage door replacement?

Are you frequently dealing with the frustrations of your door not opening properly? Have you had to call service technicians more frequently? Has your door been damaged by bumping it with your car? An improperly functioning garage door can be a safety and security risk. Many of these issues can be repaired, but sometimes do require a replacement. We’ll be better able to diagnose your door after a thorough inspection. Either way, repair or replace, we can help!

Should I use a professional installer?

Think about the size of your garage door. Garage doors are usually the biggest moving objects in your home. Installing a garage door is incredibly technical and requires specific tools and experience, not to mention, springs can be very dangerous. You want to trust an expert with years of experience when it comes to installing your garage door properly. Our team of highly trained installers and technicians can install your garage door in only a few hours. We make sure to strictly follow safety guidelines and guarantee your new garage door operates correctly and safely.

What is the standard garage door size?

Residential garage doors come in a variety of sizes. Double doors, or 1 big door for 2 cars, are usually 16 feet wide while single doors, a smaller door for 1 car, is usually 9 feet wide. Some doors are 7 ft tall while others are 8 ft tall, both are considered “standard” height.

Are special sizes available?

Do you have a unique size garage, or need a larger door for your RV? We can customize almost any size garage door for your needs. Give us a call, and we’ll work together to make it happen.

Can my garage door be painted?

Steel garage doors come primed and can be painted with high-quality latex paint. Latex paint also does not require any prep or priming work, making the job quicker and easier.

What maintenance is required?

We recommend scheduling a professional service and inspection once per year to make sure your garage door is running safely and optimally. Much like changing the oil and tuning up your car, the better you maintain it, the longer it lasts. Our service call includes a complete service on the door and opener. Your technician will make sure everything is tested, lubricated, and adjusted, tighten and balance the door and make any other minor repairs. We make sure your door is in the best condition possible.

Does a garage door replacement include the opener?

Garage doors and garage door openers are two separate items. We replace the opener only if you need it. But we will determine that based on its condition and age. An opener is just as important as the door itself. It’s vital to finding the right opener for your door to make sure it always works when you need it and offers the features you want. We can help you pair the right opener to your garage door.

We feature these openers:

What comes with a new garage door?

New Garage Doors come with all new hardware which includes, springs, torsion bar, tracks, rollers, hinges, cables, and brackets. If you currently have an opener installed, we will do a complete service ensuring everything is lubricated, adjusted, and tested prior to connecting it to your new door.

What should I do with my old garage door?

When we install your new garage door, part of our services includes removing and disposing of your old garage door properly.

What types of garage doors are available?

There are many different types of garage doors. You can choose the perfect door for your home from a selection that includes steel, wood, or other materials. Different styles are available in short panel, long panel, flush panel, all-glass panels, or a more industrial look to suit the style of your home. Modern doors are also available in a wide range of colors including faux wood tones, can be painted to match your home, or can be custom matched to coordinate with your home or trim color.

Can I replace a garage door on my own?

We definitely don’t recommend attempting to replace your garage door by yourself. And not just because we enjoy your business. Garage door installation is a difficult and dangerous task if you aren’t a professional. We can install your new garage door efficiently and quickly. We’ll be in and out in only a few hours! Contact us today to schedule your garage door installation in Beaverton, OR.

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