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You have many options if you need a new garage door. Dave’s Garage Doors specializes in installing new garage doors in Metro Portland, OR. We do it all when it comes to garage doors, including repair and maintenance services. Whether you’re building a new home or your old garage door needs to be replaced, we have you covered. We want you to be informed about your options when it comes to choosing a new garage door. There are multiple styles of garage doors, with options such as wood, steel, and carriage-style available to you. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the different types of garage doors available to homeowners throughout Portland, Salem, and Vancouver. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.
High-Quality Wood Garage Doors
Durable Steel Garage Doors
Elegant Carriage-Style Garage Doors

High-Quality Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors provide a timeless look. Dave’s Garage Doors offers wood garage doors that are durable and secure. These garage doors can enhance the appearance of any home. We offer a large selection of wood garage doors available in a variety of types and styles. Our team even offers custom-made wood garage doors, available in mahogany, hemlock, cedar, and plywood. Our beautifully-made wood garage doors ensure customer satisfaction. You can choose composite wood garage doors or customized carriage-style wood garage doors. Our team of experienced technicians also offers professional wood garage door installation, repair, and maintenance services. We take pride in providing the best garage door installation services in the Pacific Northwest. Each of our garage door specialists is trained and experienced, ensuring a safe and reliable garage door installation or repair. Our mission is to provide the best garage door products and services for a reasonable cost. We would be happy to offer you a free quote on a wood garage door. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of wood garage doors.

The Benefits of Choosing a Wood Garage Door

Wood garage doors remain one of the most popular choices throughout Oregon. These garage doors have come a long way from the ones you might remember that were white with squares. Learn more about the advantages of adding a wood garage door to your home or business:

  • Beautiful – Classic wood doors give an authentic look and beauty to any building. The ability to choose the type of wood you want as well as the stain and design you prefer make them even more attractive.
  • Customizable – Wood garage doors are available in a wide variety of styles and customization options. You can make your wood garage door stand out or blend in. Many historical homeowners opt for wood garage doors, which complement their home’s timeless design.
  • Dent-Proof – Wood doors don’t dent like steel or aluminum garage doors. If you have active children and are concerned about damaging your door, wood is a wise choice due to its durability.

Durable Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are another popular choice. Your garage door adds a lot of value to your home. As one of the largest structures in your home, garage doors bring beauty and provide protection and convenience. Dave’s Garage Doors is proud to install top-of-the-line steel garage doors. These doors are high-quality and durable, in addition to being available at affordable prices. Our steel garage doors are insulated to provide long-lasting security for many years to come. Our team offers expert steel garage door installation and repair services, installing your door with care and precision. Our garage door experts can help recommend the perfect type of garage door for your home in Portland or Salem, OR. Keep reading to learn about some additional benefits of adding a steel garage door to your building.

The Benefits Provided by Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors provide many benefits for home and business owners. If you’re considering steel – value, saving money, and getting the most for that money are both important considerations when it comes to choosing the best garage door for your home or business. Buying and having a steel garage door installed is often more affordable than traditional wooden garage doors. Steel doors last a long time, don’t require much maintenance, and will continue to hold their beauty. Modern galvanized steel garage doors do not rot or rust, even in the humid conditions of Oregon.

  • Safety & Security – Steel garage doors are very strong and can withstand extended everyday use, better than most other options.
  • Energy Efficiency – Steel garage doors are an excellent choice because they are available in a variety of insulation levels. Without a high-quality insulated door, your garage can quickly become too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Insulated steel garage doors are ideal if you use your garage for a living or working space. They can also help control your energy bills by helping to maintain a consistent temperature in the garage.
  • Beauty – Steel garage doors are customizable to a certain extent. They can be molded and stamped into attractive shapes, and plain or decorative window sections can be added. Metal panels can be finished with different textures, and paint colors. Steel garage doors will enhance curb appeal and are long-lasting with minimal upkeep.
  • Less Maintenance – Unlike their wood counterparts, steel garage doors require very little to keep them looking good. Just an annual power wash will keep it looking like new.

Elegant Carriage-Style Garage Doors

Our popular carriage-style wood and steel garage doors can add character and artistry to any home or building in the Metro Portland area. Carriage-style garage doors are available in multiple styles. Although they look like traditional carriage doors, modern carriage-style doors operate by rolling up on tracks like a standard garage door. Our team also offers the option of adding decorative hardware to your garage door to make it more personal. Dave’s Garage Doors provides garage door installation and repair services for homes and businesses with carriage-style garage doors. Our experienced team will install your new carriage-style garage door with precision and care, ensuring safe operation, and giving you the look you desire. Our garage door company invites you to read on to learn about the additional benefits of carriage-style garage doors.

The Advantages & Benefits of Carriage-Style Garage Doors

Many homeowners overlook the option of carriage house garage doors. This unique option is different than the garage doors you’re likely used to. Find out some of the advantages of choosing a carriage-style garage door:

  • Sophistication – Carriage doors offer a timeless look that adds beauty and sophistication to any building. If you enjoy a historic look, they may be perfect for you. Carriage-style garage doors are available with several options to personalize it and make it your own. Carriage house doors can boost your home’s curb appeal and make you the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Low Maintenance – Carriage-style garage doors are usually made of wood or steel. The steel variation can be insulated to lower your monthly energy bills. These garage doors typically don’t require as much maintenance as other options.
  • Diversity – Because carriage doors can be made of wood or steel, you have options. If you prefer the historic look, you’ll likely prefer a solid wood door. However, if you prefer convenience and low maintenance, a steel door is the best way to go

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