Tips for Choosing a New Garage Door

The garage door takes up a lot of real estates, and it is one of the most visible components of your house. This means that like it or not, your garage door has a big impact on the way people look at your home. When shopping for a new garage door in Portland, consider how the color, design, and material of the door and its components will affect the exterior design of your home. To make sure that your new garage door gives the best first impression, follow these tips to choose the right style for your home.

Research Garage Door Materials

There are a wide variety of garage doors to choose from. To help narrow down your selection, start by determining which material suits you best. Wood garage doors are an investment, but the natural beauty inherent in wood cannot be matched by any other material. Steel and aluminum garage doors are extremely durable, and hold up to the elements quite well. Fiberglass and composite garage doors are a bit more affordable but may not last as long as solid wood or metal.

Complement Your Home’s Architecture

Once you know which material you want to work with, consider your home’s architecture and décor to find the perfect garage door to match. From traditional carriage doors to double-sided contemporary steel doors, there are many different styles to choose from. If you aren’t sure which doors will complement your home’s architecture, bring pictures of your home to a garage door company in Portland for help.

Consider Your Family’s Lifestyle

The final step in selecting the perfect garage door is to consider your family’s lifestyle. If you have active children who play in the driveway with roller skates and basketballs, for example, you might want to stay away from glass-front garage doors. Also, depending on how many times you need to enter and exit the driveway, the speed at which the garage door opens may also play a role in your decision.