The garage door is most important during winter

If you have a garage door near Vancouver, it’s important that you know how to keep it safe from freezing during the winter. When rainwater trickles into your garage and stays there, a falling temperature can cause your door to freeze and stick in place. If you don’t want to have to deal with a frozen garage door every morning, follow these simple tips to prevent freezing:

Watch for ice. 

If snow and ice are allowed to accumulate around your garage, it can make your door more likely to freeze. This can happen very suddenly, so be sure to take a quick glance at your garage every morning during the cold months. Clearing away the ice as quickly as possible will help to keep your garage door functioning smoothly.

Use table salt.

If your neighborhood is experiencing frequent rains, try sprinkling table salt on the driveway underneath your garage door. Since salt makes it more difficult for water to freeze, this will help to reduce the frequency of freezes. Spraying lubricant on your garage door’s rollers and hinges can also help keep them safe from freezing.

Check your weather seal.

Every garage door has a seal that helps to insulate the garage from outside weather. If your seal is starting to get weather-beaten and cracked, however, it’s time to invest in a new one that will keep out water and cold air. If you notice a draft when you are standing in your garage, or if dirt and moisture are beginning to come through the door, you may need a new seal.

Keep your garage warm.

Installing a new heater in your garage is a smart way to ensure that your garage door will not get too cold at night, which makes it less likely to freeze. As a bonus, this will also make your garage a more pleasant place to be during the long winter months.