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Faulty garage doors in Vancouver, Salem, and Portland may be dangerous and inconvenient in a number of ways. Garage door issues can leave your home exposed, leave you trapped in or out of the garage, or present a threat to the safety of your children or pets. While it’s important to check the issues below frequently, it’s also important that you call a professional garage door repair service to diagnose and repair any problems with your garage door. No matter how handy you are around the house, calling in the professionals once an issue is discovered will ensure that the job is done properly and that no one’s safety is compromised. Keep your garage door in great shape with these tips.

Inspect the Auto-Reverse Feature

The auto-reverse feature of your garage door is crucial when it comes to safety. Garage doors were much riskier before this great safety feature was introduced. Make sure your family is safe around the garage door by ensuring this feature is working properly. You can test your garage door auto-reverse feature by laying a roll of paper towels on the ground under the door and closing it. The garage door should reverse itself automatically the instant it comes into contact with the paper towels. If your door does not reverse, contact your local garage door technician who will inspect and adjust your garage door opener and make sure your children and pets are safe from the garage door coming down.

Check the Balance

The bank is not the only place you should check your balance; you should also have your garage door professional check the balance of your door. Check the balance of your door by using the quick release mechanism to release the door and stop it at some point during its path. If your garage door is balanced properly, it will stay in place no matter where it stops. In the event that it does not stay in place, your local garage door professional will adjust the balance of your door. This will reduce the likelihood of damage or injury from the door coming down too hard.

Assess the Rollers and Tracks

Your garage door makes use of rollers and tracks to glide through its path. Close the door and inspect each roller and its screws for any signs of damage. Your tracks should also be checked for any missing screws or loose connections to keep your door safe. If you find any loose connections or any rollers that seem to be sticking, contact your local garage door specialist who will lubricate your rollers and make sure your tracks are secure.

Periodic maintenance of your garage door system will keep it in good working order for many years of problem-free operation!