Garage Door Safety Tips for Your Family

One of the most important reasons why garage door maintenance is necessary is safety. A garage door that functions properly is the safest for your family, but teaching your kids the right way to treat your door also matters. Whether you’re buying a new garage door in Portland Salem or Vancouver, or you simply want a refresher on safety for your family, these tips will help.

Respect the Opener 

As fun as it may be for young children to watch the garage door go up and down, an opener is never a toy. Not only can playing with the garage door opener cause it to malfunction, but it can also put children and pets in danger of being hit by the door or even trapped underneath. Keep your opener out of the reach of your children, and be sure your push-button wall unit is installed high enough that your kids can’t touch it. If your opener is not working as normal, call an expert for a garage door opener repair service to prevent any dangerous malfunctions.

Stay Clear of Moving Doors

When your garage door is in motion, no one should be near it. Avoid trying to rush under a moving door, even if it is going up. Trying to slip under a moving door is risky for adults and provides children with a dangerous example. Although most garage doors have motion sensors that are supposed to stop the door if there is a movement under it, don’t rely on this. Instead, stay clear of the door and watch to make sure the door opens or closes completely when in operation.

Don’t Attempt DIY Work

Garage door repairs can be dangerous when not handled by a professional. The opener uses electricity, and the door and its parts can be heavy and difficult to maneuver. Avoid the risk of injury and hire a qualified garage door repair technician when you need service. Hiring a professional can also help you avoid the need for more costly repairs caused by improper or incomplete work.