Garage door shut and stay shut when you leave

The garage door is the single biggest moving object in your home; unfortunately, it can also be one of the biggest headaches. The last thing you want to deal with when you’re already running late in the morning is a garage door that won’t open—or maybe worse, a garage door that won’t close. After all, you probably have lots of expensive tools and equipment in your garage, so it’s crucial that your garage door shut and stay shut when you leave. The good news is that there are garage door repair companies in the Vancouver, Portland, or Salem areas that can quickly address these and other common garage door problems.

Garage Door Won’t Open

The first thing to look at if your garage door won’t open is to see if your spring may have broken. With some spring systems, you can actually see the break in the spring, while others may be enclosed in a tube. However, the signs of a break are the same in both instances. If your garage door opener tries to open the door but only gets it a few inches off the ground, take a look at your spring. If it’s broken, call an experienced garage door repair technician to fix it. Never try to replace a broken spring yourself as they are under a great deal of tension and are very dangerous without experience and the right tools. The other reason garage doors may not open is due to a problem with the opener. When you push the button on the wall to open your door, does it hum but not move, or is it silent as well as still. Either issue can be resolved by an experienced garage door repair company.​

Garage Door Opens or Closes on Its Own

No, your garage door isn’t haunted, it’s just in need of service. This problem is known as “phantom opening” and can be caused by a number of things. First, check to make sure that your remote isn’t in a place where it could be “clicked” accidentally, often being in a purse or bag can cause it to be engaged, same if it’s on the car console instead of clipped to the visor. If your remotes aren’t the issue, it could be the programming on the opener itself. Try clearing the codes from your remotes and reprogramming them. If you’re still having a problem with “phantoms”, call your local garage door repair specialists. They can fix the problem and give your garage door and opener a good tune up to keep your entire system in good operating condition!

Garage Door Sticks When Opening or Closing

If you have a garage door that sticks, you may be able to spray some lubricant on the metal rollers to smooth the operation. If the door continues to stick, contact your local garage door repair company. A professional technician may need to adjust the tracks and rollers to get your door running smoothly again.